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rev·el·ry /ˈrevəlrē/ Learn to pronounce noun noun: revelry; plural noun: revelries lively and noisy

Step into this lively scene any night of the week and the vibe is clear. Revelry is the establishment of topic and this restaurant located in downtown Bozeman is one of the best. Here you will find a low lit laid back ambiance that caters to patrons whether seated at the bar or a dining table. On separate occasions I have been fortunate enough to sit casually at the bar and as a seated guest. The one constant is Revelry's exemplary service along with good food.

Revelry, in essence, is a wine bar. Known for their extensive in-house vino this bar/restaurant takes it a little further for patrons by offering an exclusive wine club membership. Patrons can have a special curated selection of wine each month for club memberships as much as $50, $85, or the Grand Cru at $125 a month. The Grand Cru offers 6 bottles of wine from selected regions.

Sound good?

In 2020, it was annouced that the esteemed Tory McPhail would act as a mentor and adviser for Revelry. McPhail is celebrated as the former executive chef at the Commander’s Palace in New Orleans. Tory McPhail is also a winner of the renowned James Beard Award. One can only assume that his leadership is having an impact on Revelry's service and perhaps menu. Revelry's fare is an ecclectic selection that features an extensive wine selection. While you’re waiting it is recommended that you try Revelry’s charcuterie board. Not onlly a great way to begin your evening but also a good way to prep your palette.

Some of the delicious dishes Revelry creates are the roasted local bison served with pasta or the red bird chicken with wild red rice. Some of Revelry's hand-held entrées are the cubano or the succulent lamb gyro. Both are served with choices of a salad, french fries, or soup de jour. If you are curious about Revelry's weekend brunch be sure to visit on Saturday or Sunday when brunch is served from 9-3pm. If you are visitng Bozeman, Montana please be sure visit Revelry. You wont be disappointed.

*This restaurant accepts reservations



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