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Sweet Tooth?

Try this easy no bake strawberry cold cake recipe.


Everyone will love you for this one. The Strawberry Cold Cake is primarily served as a summer dessert - I say it’s delicious served any time of year.


2 pints of fresh strawberries- sliced

2 small tubs of ready Cool Whip

1 box of Graham Crackers

1 baking aluminum pan


Line bottom of aluminum pan with graham crackers (horizontal)

once pan has been lined with crackers use a tablespoon to spread cool whip over graham crackers

place sliced strawberries over cool whip (evenly)

Repeat with graham crackers again

layer cool whip

add sliced strawberries

Continue to repeat layers or end with cool whip sprinkle graham cracker crumbs over cool whip and toss strawberries

Place aluminum foil over the dessert and refrigerate over night.

Tip: If strawberries are not sweet enough, sprinkle with granulated sugar and let sit 30 mins. Don’t drain juice, slice and place slices back in juice.


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