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Consignment Shopping

How many times have you shopped to only turn and regret the purchase? We all have felt some guilt after making a big purchase. For women, the more expensive purchases come in the form of shoes, purses, and coats. Most women love a nice purse but when you have expensive taste and a Coach purse wont do, there is always consignment shopping. Dont be deceived however, consignment items that are by known designers can be quite costly too for the average shopping excursion. Here are 4 online shopping websites with their sets of pro's and cons.


Depop is an online consignment shop that caters to a younger audience. On Depop you can find streetwear and vintage items. Its a hip company that thinks about fashion and the world's climate crisis. Depop stepped forward to become more involved in clothing sustainability. Depop is on a mission to help do their part understanding the world has 10 years to reverse our climate crisis. I applaud any company that has climate crisis at the forefront of their mission. Merchants on the site are selling their old wears and can find "closets" from the US and abroad. So, in addition to buying merchandise, you can also sign up and sell items. You can expect to find everything from handmade jewlery to menswear. Prices vary depending on the item & seller. Want to buy great items and contribute to a good cause? Try Depop!


I have personal experience with this site that dates back to 2017. Poshmark allows the public to list their used items for sale. With each article that is listed it all becomes apart of a larger virtual closet you establish. With this app you are allowed to follow other sellers and vice versa. The platform allows you to list and share your closet with others on the site. Sellers are often able to bundle items from their closets based on your selected likes. This is all in attempts to make a sale. Its rare on this site to have interaction with a seller unless you ask a question in the comments section. Poshmarrk has a community of 60 million users. Its amazing how Poshmark has. become a trusted source for shopping. Poshamrk for sure has glitches not only with their customer service but, with authenticating. I am sure the pandemic hasnt helped. This is a site that I dont really deem "customer friendly" even when the customer is right. It remains an issue for Poshmark to side with the consumer, In my opinion, thats daunting and can be construed as their only wanting revenue. Other than the aforesaid, Poshmark has great finds. My suggestion would be if you are going to make a high end purchase, shop around. Compare prices. With Poshmark should you opt to sell anything over $15 is a 80/20 split. Poshmark takes 20%.


Now, heres a site where merchants will communicate with you if you have a question or if you present an “offer.” Mercari is quite user-friendly and you dont have to leave the app to cross reference prices. On Mercari, you are given similiar if not the same items sold by different merchants to compare. It makes shopping for one particular item easier for comparison (i.e. Hermes, LV, etc.). I like the shopping experience on Mecari because people are willing to "chat" about what they sell. Not to say there arent problems but, very few in my experience. Again, this is a site that gives so many a chance to sell their items. Everything from books to perfume. A very easy site to navigate.


TRR stands for The Real Real. This site is the best of them all. The Real Real has higher end products and is really for the savvy shopper. What I like the most about this site is that they really only accept the best. It does matter to TRR what your items look like. I have purchased a Hermes purse and belt from the TRR. There are many designers for sale on this site. Whether you love Helmut Lang or Gucci there is truly something for the high end buyer on this site. I give this site high marks for its user-friendly application. This is not a site for chatting with the seller, this is a site you visit when you know exactly what designer you want to shop. This site also allows you to compare items that are the same as your original choice. I suggest looking through the items and then making a choice. I recommend joining this site if you really want high end, quality, and are prepared to spend. Highly recommended.

The Hermés Fourre Tout MM

The Hermés Reversible 18mm belt



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