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Welcome to the Rainbow Ranch

What is your experience with cabin lodging? There are many that can answer the aforementioned question without hesitation, but, there are many that cannot. This is the beauty of Montana. Like NYC high rises and posh hotels, there are just as many log cabin accommodations in Montana. To refresh my memory, I returned to Big Sky’s Rainbow Ranch Lodge for my 2nd Christmas with my life partner. Nestled away in the beautiful mountain ranges of Big Sky, the Rainbow Ranch Lodge is a gem that boasts roughly 25-30 adjoined cabins. Each cabin is uniquely named and uniquely appointed. Some cabins are river side and others are by the pond. Each cabin has rustic décor and the cabins range from basic accommodations to suites with indoor/outdoor fireplaces.

The Rainbow Ranch Lodge is beautiful during any season, but, when there is snow, the grounds are that much more pretty, adorned with huge pine trees that are spread throughout the property.

It’s no surprise that , due to the pandemic, service at the Rainbow Ranch Lodge has had its challenges. The staff are working hard to give good service. Although we’d made reservations for dinner we were informed just hours before dinner, that the kitchen would be closed and Christmas dinner canceled. Although it is not clear whether this was due to staffing issues or COVID related, my only wish is that we were notified earlier and perhaps given vouchers/credit for another local restaurant.

Still, if you desire rest and relaxation and love nature and the outdoors, you will appreciate the Rainbow Ranch Lodge. Just an hour outside of Bozeman, 20 minutes from Big Sky Ski Resort and 45 minutes to West Yellowstone, you cannot find a better location next to many outdoor sites and activities. Cabins sell out very fast so, if you are aiming for a 2022 visit, now is the time to reserve. It’s without saying, The Rainbow Ranch Lodge is a venue that can accommodate weddings and large parties. You don’t have to wait, come and experience for yourself!

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